Stressed out? Anxious? Feeling down? Or, simply curious to learn more about how to effectively cope with the challenges of student life? This interactive website has games, videos, and multiple resources that will help you cope with some of the things that you may find challenging or stressful while living in residence.

Link: iCopeU Website

There are many resources available to you in residence and on campus. The residence website has a list of all resources available to you, including crisis lines, counselling centres, and friendly people you should talk to, like your RA or a residence manager.

Resource Email Phone Location
Counselling Services N/A 250-828-5023 Old Main Building 1631
Disability Services 250-828-5023 Old Main Building 1631
Doctors on Campus N/A 250-828-5126 Old Main Building 1461
Supplemental Learning 250-828-5277 Old Main Building 2699
Career Services 250-371-5627 Old Main Building 1712
Assessment Centre 250-828-5470 Old Main Building 1762
Aboriginal Services 250-828-5246 The House of Learning
Campus Security N/A 250-828-5033 Old Main Building 1016
Wellness Centre 250-828-5010 Old Main Building 2453
Resource Email
Phone Location
Mental Health: Kamloops Urgent Response Team N/A 250-377-0088 519 Columbia St. Kamloops
Royal Inland Hospital N/A 250-374-5111 311 Columbia St. Kamloops
Sexual Assaul Counselling Centre N/A 250-372-0179 627 B Victoria St. Kamloops
Phoenix Centre: Alcohol and Drug Services 250-374-4634 922 - 3rd Ave. Kamloops
Kamloops RCMP Victim Services N/A (Days) 250-828-3223
560 Battle Street, Kamloops
    (After-hours via RCMP) 250-828-3000  
Y Women's Emergency Shelter N/A 250-374-6162 400 Battle St. Kamloops