Roommate Matching


In late-July, you will have the ability to search and request your own roommate. We at TRU Residence believe that having the right roommate(s) is an important part of what makes your experience successful and memorable. This is why we have some tips for you during this process.

Be you, not who you want to be

All too often we find that when people search for a roommate, they look for a person that matches who they want to be instead of who they currently are. We have found that this is not a good practice! If you are currently extroverted and like to socialize, way more often than not it is best to frefrain from selecting someone who is more reserved and likes to stay in. Of course, any two people can get along great with respect and communication.

Don't stop at your first match

If you've found what you think is a good match, keep searching! Not only does this open the door to find someone you might connect with a little better, but at the very least you will get the opportunity to meet more people who you will be living with during the year.

Chat on Facebook or other avenues

While you have the ability to message on our Portal, sometimes taking the conversation to a social media outlet such as Facebook provides an easier avenue and also makes things more personal.