Early Move-In


Residence will be offering a three-day Early Move-In program for the Academic Year. Transitioning to life away from home is a chalenge for every student and we're here to help make that eaiser. Attending TRU means more independence, more choices, and a great Residence Experience for all. We, at TRU Residence would like you to have a positive experience, a smooth transition, and most of all, a successful adventure. To enhance your experience at TRU and TRU Residence, we strongly encourage you to take part in our Early Move-In program to make the most of your year, to set yourself up for success and to get a jump start to life at TRU!

The Early Move-In program will foster a great community through three days of events and programs. This includes academic support programs as well as many social events and activities to allow our students to get acquainted with their new home and start developing their floor and building identity at TRU Residence. All of our Early Move-In activities are designed to familiarize yourself with the campus as well as the things you may encounter throughout your academic year.

For the low cost of $50/day*, we will offer off-campus adventures, keynote speakers, orientation initiatives and on-campus events; through this shared experience you'll feel confident starting your first day of university as you walk to class with your newly made friends. The roots you create during this week will help build a solid foundation, plus a successful TRU experience.

*All money collected from Early Move-In charges will be put directly into the three-day program

We look forward to another great year of Early Move-In!