6. Payment

Once you have completed your online paperwork we will have all the necessary information to send you an email outlining your associated fees.

This email will give you a line-by-line breakdown of the charges that will be placed on your account. We will place these charges on your account in August to account for any fluctuations that may occur.

Your first payment is due on June 15th. If you are accepted after June 15th, it is due as soon as possible to confirm your room.

This is the last step to confirming your spot in Residence.

Here is an example of the email we will send you:


Dear Resident Name,


Thank you for completing your Residence Portal acceptance.

In order to complete your application, confirm your Residence booking and to be able to select a roommate, you will need to make your residence payment. Below is your invoice for Residence. The invoice outlines the total fees applied to your account and the amount owing.  

Please visit the Residence Website (www.trurez.ca) to view rates, payment deadlines and the Termination and Cancellation Policy. 


Invoice Date: May 15, 201X

Payment Due Date: June 15, 201X


To: Resident Name





Security Deposit



Residence Fees



Admin Fee

Based on Payment Option


Early Move In

September 2, 2015 - $150.00





Account Balance



Amount Owing



Amount Due

Option 2 - $7,050.00. $5,350.00 due June 15th




Once accepted into Residence (via email), you will be able to make payment toward your accommodation.

We accept the following payment methods for Residence Fees:

  • Certified Cheque (By Courier)*
  • Bank Draft (By Courier)*
  • Money Order (By Courier)*
  • Cash (In Person)
  • Interac (In Person)
  • Online Payment (Online)**
  • Payee Account (Online)***

We do not accept credit card payments for Residence Fees.

*If paying by Certified Cheque, Bank Draft or Money Order, please make cheques payable to "CLC - TRU" and deliver to:

ATTN: Residence Manager
950 McGill Road,
Kamloops, BC
V2C 0E1

**If paying online, please login to the Residence Portal and click on the "Accounts" tab. The Residence Portal link is:


***If paying using your personal Online Banking, please add "Thompson Rivers University Residence & Conference Centre" (or some derivative of this name) as a payee. Please be sure you do not unintentionally pay "Thompson Rivers University" as these are separate accounts. Your payee account number is the same number as your Residence Account Number and can be found in your profile summary displayed when logging into the Residence Portal. We are curently set up as payees with: BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, HSBC, National Bank, PC Financial, RBC, TD or any bank that is affiliated with these listed banks.


We are excited to see you this fall!

Residence Management

Thompson Rivers University Residence & Conference Centre
950 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC
V2C 0E1

Phone: (250) 828-8999  |  Fax: (250) 852-6265 |  Email: info@trurez.ca  |  Web: http://trurez.ca/